Potentium – Episode 400 (10/5/23)

Potentium – Episode 400 (10/5/23)

Teen hunter killed by lightning strike

Philly sport biker arrested/Philly organized looting by “influencer”/Man who shot You Tube prankster escapes major charge (9:05)

Kevin McCarthy works with Democrats to avoid a shutdown & is then ousted as Speaker (31:35)

Trump – John Kelly reveals just how pathetic Trump is/Gen. Milley appropriately calls Trump a wannabe dictator/Judge issues gag order (44:40)

Hollywood writer’s strike ends/Bill Maher – Biden running for a 2nd term (59:35)

Hell’s Kitchen (1:12:35)

ND escapes/Bad News Bears blow the biggest lead in team history to the Broncos…The only team statistically worse than them/The great Dick Butkus dies (1:15:15)

Potentium – Episode 398 (9/21/23)

Potentium – Episode 398 (9/21/23)

Vegas teen animals run over cyclist for fun

Russell Brand accused of rapes & sexual assaults (10:35)

CO officer who left suspect in car on train tracks gets probation/Coffee City, TX Chief fired/Seattle officer’s bodycam (16:45)

Injured hiker left behind by his friends (30:30)

Giuliani sued by his former lawyer (33:50)

Mitt Romney on GOP politicians’ true feelings about Trump (36:05)

Trump – Mar A Lago aid talks to Special Prosecutor/Trump says it was his decision to go ahead with election fraud actions (47:50)

Patriots fan dies after fight at Gillette Stadium/The Bears still suck/Aaron Rodgers says the sound of dolphins humping will help him heal/ND (58:35)

Ahsoka (1:08:10)

Potentium – Episode 149 (11/24/18)

Potentium – Episode 149 (11/24/18)

NC chicken pox outbreak/Vaccinations & religion

Religious nut job goes to island of natives to “convert” them to Christianity and hilarity ensues (6:00)

Racism – “Diner Diana” in Arizona prefers to sit next to whites in public (10:45)

Pfizer to raise prescription drug prices by 5% (14:30)

Elevator plunges 84 floors in Chicago’s Hancock Building (18:50)

CO “father” Chris Watts sentenced to life in prison for killing his family (22:08)

Moron Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence (30:55)

Laura Ingraham’s gay brother speaks about his fucked up sister (35:05)

Trump – Fake news media/Midterms/Admiral McRaven/Saudi Arabia/Mueller investigation/James Comey/Jerome Corsi/Trump is thankful for himself on Thanksgiving (40:45)

How the country “suffered” under President Obama (1:18:15)

Notre Dame/Bears

Potentium – Episode 148 (11/17/18)

Potentium – Episode 148 (11/17/18)

Couples etiquette when paying the check

Couple and homeless man perpetrate GoFundMe scam (4:30)

California wildfires/East Coast Nor’easter (9:40)

Security guard shot by Midlothian PD after stopping active shooter (24:00)

Green Beret killed, “A Few Good Men” style (29:08)

Baraboo, WI High School Nazis (31:50)

Steve King warned by Iowa Governor for his racist mouth (38:20)

The “victim” Monica Lewinsky (46:05)

The pederast Anarchist that is Julian Assange (53:40)

Jim Acosta gets his WH press pass back, for now (58:45)

Vampira gets White House official fired (1:04:00)

Trump – France/Troops at the border/North Korea nukes/Mueller’s questions (1:09:30)

Stan Lee dies (1:34:35)

Notre Dame/Bears

Happy Thanksgiving folks & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 138 (9/1/18)

Potentium – Episode 138 (9/1/18)

Madden 19 Tournament shooting in Jacksonville, Florida (4:25)

NM Radical Muslims released because of incompetent AG (13:49)

Pope Francis implicated in Catholic pedophile cover up (17:30)

9 Year old commits suicide due to bullying (25:25)

Death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria rises from 64 to 3,000 (37:05)

John McCain dies (44:10)

Ron DeSantis vs. Andrew Gillum…Monkey up! (1:11:50)

Trump – N. Korea/Google/Jeff Sessions/Claims Lester Holt doctored interview/Evangelicals/David Pecker (1:20:45)

Football! Notre Dame/The Bears get Khalil Mack from the Raiders! (1:49:35)

Off next week…The kid is headed to San Francisco!

See you on the 15th and thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 098 (11/11/17)

Potentium – Episode 098 (11/11/17)

Larry David’s concentration camp jokes on SNL/Curb Your Enthusiasm

Texas church shooting (5:00)

Wisconsin eliminates minimum hunting age (31:00)

Puerto Rico and the Whitefish Energy investigation (37:40)

Al Franken grills Facebook’s lawyer (44:40)

Democrats sweep elections across the US (54:40)

Michael Flynn & son in more hot water (59:05)

Roy Moore accused of sexual misconduct/Sean Hannity (1:03:40)

Louis C.K. & more sexual harassment accusations (1:31:15)

Notre Dame vs. Miami (1:39:05)

Potentium – Episode 097 (11/4/17)

Potentium – Episode 097 (11/4/17)

More sexual harassment & assault fallout/Corey Feldman and whatever he’s about (2:40)

Al Green vs. Ben Carson (30:00)

General Kelly & the Civil War (40:50)

Russian indictments – PaulManafort/Mr. Papadopoulos (50:05)

NYC terror attack/Trump/fox “news” (1:10:30)

Donna Brazile/DNC/Hillary Clinton (1:31:25)

“Dirty Bernie” Sanders calls in (1:42:55)

Notre Dame ranked #3!!!!! (1:51:35)

Potentium – Episode 095 (10/21/17)

Potentium – Episode 095 (10/21/17)

Massive technical difficulties last week

Star Wars – The Last Jedi (2:30)

Harvey Weinstein (5:55)

California makes knowingly infecting people with AIDS a  misdemeanor from a felony/Wildfires (14:45)

SCOTUS gerrymandering case/Arnold Schwarzenneger (21:15)

Gay coffee shop owner kicks out “christians” (25:50)

John McCain on white supremacy (32:50)

Trump – Vampira vs. Vampira/Trump vs. Tillerson, Corker, NBC & everyone else/Stock market & the debt/Executive orders/Health care (36:40)

The GOP/Obama’s premonition jokes/George W. Bush (1:06:00)

The attack in Niger/General Kelly/Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (1:15:35)

Blackhawks/Notre Dame/Bears/Cubs/Mike Ditka’s stupid comments/NFL & the Anthem/John Caponera’s Harry Caray (1:28:20)

Potentium – Episode 093

Potentium – Episode 093

Martin Shkreli’s bail revoked (4:05)

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison (7:40)

GOP health care bill fails again (13:10)

The NFL/National Anthem controversy continues  (20:35)

The Humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico (28:15)

Happy 57th birthday Edward!/Obama’s final fiscal numbers (43:25)

General Jay B. Silveria’s speech on racism at USAFA (50:35)

Roy Moore wins in Alabama Senate run off (58:20)

Bill Maher on Trump & the rednecks (1:10:55)

Hugh Hefner dies (1:18:40)

The Bears and Notre Dame (1:36:50)

The Return of Curb Your Enthusiasm! (1:41:25)

Potentium – Episode 091

Shot a 95 in my latest round of golf (4:25)

80 year old woman fights off rabid bobcat with a sickle (8:25)

Oklahoma City bombing copycat thwarted (14:35)

Kim Jong Un tests hydrogen bomb (18:25)

Trump/DACA/Jeff Sessions/Debt ceiling (23:50)

Bill Maher – If Obama said what Trump said (52:15)

Clinton blames Bernie Sanders for loss/“Dirty Bernie Sanders” calls in (1:00:35)

Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida/Rush Limbaugh says hurricanes are part of a liberal agenda/The weather with Frankie MacDonald (1:13:45)

Notre Dame faces its first test against Georgia/Chicago Bears (1:30:55)

Walter Becker, co-founder of Steely Dan dies (1:33:45)