Potentium – Episode 033

Potentium – Episode 033

Army/Olympic leopard killed by Brazilian soldier/Rio Olympics

Sports – LeBron James/NHL approves expansion team in Las Vegas/Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane wins NHL MVP/Artemi Panarin wins NHL rookie of the year/Dustin Johnson wins US Open

TV & Movies – Fear Thy Neighbor/Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)/Battlebots/Master Chef/Actor Anton Yelchin crushed by his SUV/Star Wars: Rogue One

Alabama’s top three officials involved in scandals

Democrats stage Senate floor sit in on gun bills/The idiot that is Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert

Donald Trump – Fires Campaign Mgr. Corey Lewandowski/Assassination attempt/Trump questions Hillary Clinton’s faith

Brexit/Citizens of Scotland attack Trump on Twitter

Led Zeppelin wins “Stairway to Heaven” case


Potentium – Episode 032

Potentium – Episode 032

Orlando shooting/President Obama, Hillary Clinton & Trump react/Trump accuses Obama of complicity & basks in “congratulations” in wake of the shooting

Sacramento Pastor Roger Jimenez celebrates the shootings

Alligator kills boy swimming at Disney resort

Stupid ass Blake J Ziebell drives 40 minutes to my house, with THREE other guys, to fight me over words on the internet…It didn’t work out too well for him… https://youtu.be/qTJwKiglVOA?t=1

Blake 3

Potentium – Episode 031

Potentium – Episode 031

Stanford rapist Brock Turner gets 6 months (90 days) after being convicted of THREE FELONIES for sexual assault

President Obama and Senator Elizabeth Warren endorse Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders and a faction of his supporters

Trump – More on Judge Curiel/David Duke blames the Mexicans AND the Jews for attacks on Trump/Mitch McConnell won’t call Trump a racist

Vote for my nephew’s song production at indabamusic.com

The Lost Angeles – Coulda Been Something

Stanford heroes

Potentium – Episode 030

Potentium – Episode 030

Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones has twin girls at 68

Harambe the gorilla shot and killed at Cincinnati zoo after child gets into enclosure

The Chewbacca Mom

“Deflecting Donald” – The fraud that is Trump U/NY AG Eric Schneidermann/Doral moves to Mexico/Hillary Clinton

Interview with listener Kirk who suffered from amnesia due to an epileptic seizure

“The Greatest” Muhammad Ali dies at 74

Muhammad Ali 3