Potentium – Episode 093

Potentium – Episode 093

Martin Shkreli’s bail revoked (4:05)

Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison (7:40)

GOP health care bill fails again (13:10)

The NFL/National Anthem controversy continues  (20:35)

The Humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico (28:15)

Happy 57th birthday Edward!/Obama’s final fiscal numbers (43:25)

General Jay B. Silveria’s speech on racism at USAFA (50:35)

Roy Moore wins in Alabama Senate run off (58:20)

Bill Maher on Trump & the rednecks (1:10:55)

Hugh Hefner dies (1:18:40)

The Bears and Notre Dame (1:36:50)

The Return of Curb Your Enthusiasm! (1:41:25)

Potentium – Episode 092

Potentium – Episode 092

Mexico earthquakes (2:55)

“Kid” Rock/Alex Jones & Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (5:45)

STL cop acquitted of murdering unarmed black man/Riots (32:20)

St. Pete Mayoral candidate Paul Congemi tells blacks to “go back to Africa” (35:45)

Eight year old biracial boy lynched by teens in NH (38:25)

Trump calls for ESPN reporter Jemele Hill to be fired (43:15)

Trump asks NFL owners to “fire” protesting players (49:30)

Russia/Paul Manafort/Facebook (57:00)

Trump & “Vampira” speak to the United Nations (1:09:30)

Frank Vincent & Jake LaMotta die (1:26:25)

Potentium – Episode 091.5

We’re off this week so here’s an interview I did on the Podcasting Spark podcast with Jeff Perry from 7/28/17

His topic was mainly bipolar disorder and mental illness

Good interview and a really nice guy

Check out Jeff’s website at… http://podcastingspark.com

See you next week folks, & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 091

Shot a 95 in my latest round of golf (4:25)

80 year old woman fights off rabid bobcat with a sickle (8:25)

Oklahoma City bombing copycat thwarted (14:35)

Kim Jong Un tests hydrogen bomb (18:25)

Trump/DACA/Jeff Sessions/Debt ceiling (23:50)

Bill Maher – If Obama said what Trump said (52:15)

Clinton blames Bernie Sanders for loss/“Dirty Bernie Sanders” calls in (1:00:35)

Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida/Rush Limbaugh says hurricanes are part of a liberal agenda/The weather with Frankie MacDonald (1:13:45)

Notre Dame faces its first test against Georgia/Chicago Bears (1:30:55)

Walter Becker, co-founder of Steely Dan dies (1:33:45)

Potentium – Episode 090

Potentium – Episode 090

Mayweather vs. McGregor – “Conor McGregor” calls in (2:20)

Trump – Arizona rally/Joe Arpaio pardoned/Sebastian Gorka fired (15:50)

Hurricane Harvey (31:00)

Evangelical bigots release “Nashville Statement”/Evangelical, home schooled idiots & their parents/Reagan on separation of church & state (49:50)

Texas “Rape Insurance Bill” (1:04:20)

Salt Lake City nurse assaulted by police (1:08:25)

Derek Releford & “Wendy the Retard” (1:20:45)

Football!/Notre Dame (1:33:05)