Potentium – Episode 085

Potentium – Episode 085

Guess what everybody…I got laid last night! (2:45)

Podcasters Terry & Duane call in (3:45)

Now more than ever, ANYBODY can grow up to be President – Kanye West/Oprah/Kid Rock/Caitlyn Jenner (39:10)

Trump attacks Jeff Sessions  (50:50)

Russian sanctions in spite of the “hoax” (57:40)

Trump addresses the Boy Scouts of America (59:35)

Trump will ban all transgenders from the military (1:05:40)

Senate “Skinny repeal” on health care fails (1:39:15)

Reince Priebus “resigns”/ “The MOOCH!” (1:45:25)

Potentium – Episode 084

Potentium – Episode 084

Martin Landau dies (3:15)

TC from the Damaged Goods podcast was supposed to call in (7:50)

Ann Coulter vs. Delta (9:05)

fox news’ “bombshell” of the “top secret” Comey notes (25:50)

Trump at the G20 Summit/ABC News Australia with bullseye commentary (30:55)

Trumpcare fails again (36:55)

Donald Trump Jr./Russia/Sessions/Watergate (43:55)

Trump – Mueller/Ty Cobb/Spicey resigns/Scaramucci (1:29:15)

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park dies (1:44:25)

Potentium – Episode 083

Potentium – Episode 083

Latest round of golf – Partner Bianna calls in (4:00)

Manson family member Patricia Krenwinkel denied parole (16:05)

North Korea now has an ICBM (23:00)

Voter fraud commission facing backlash (32:00)

Trump’s CNN wrestling video/“Blackmail” (38:25)

Jordan Klepper at Trump rally (1:06:20)

Ted Nugent says it’s time to be civil (1:18:15)

Neil Cavuto calls out Trump (1:27:00)

We’re off next week folks so we’ll see you on the 22nd…Thanks for listening!


Potentium – Episode 082

Potentium – Episode 082

Retraction from last week – It WAS legal for Alex Jones to record Megyn Kelly (6:15)

CNN’s bad week (9:20)

Canadian sniper sets world record, nails ISIS target from over two miles away (28:40)

Bernie grills “christian” budget nominee/”Dirty Bernie” Sanders calls in (31:50)

Recent SCOTUS decisions (46:25)

Trump – Travel ban/Health care (58:05)

Trump vs. Morning Joe (1:05:05)