Potentium – Episode 404 (11/2/23)

Potentium – Episode 404 (11/2/23)

Tool – Maynard James Keenan says talking about new music is “irresponsible”/Reggie Watts from the James Corden Show insults the band

Delta co-pilot pulls gun on Captain mid-flight (13:30)

Atlanta schools change grading system for the worse (17:05)

Lewiston Maine mass shooting & red flags (22:45)

Would be CO gunman honorably kills himself before carrying out attack (28:35)

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis arranges the corpses of 32 dead coyotes, that he killed for fun, to spell out “Trump 2024”/Says Democrats are responsible for every scar on this country in it’s history (34:10)

GA election maps ordered to be redrawn by federal judge (47:50)

Becca Balint (VT) skewers Marjorie Trailer Greene on the House floor (51:25)

Speaker Mike Johnson & God (1:05:30)

Trump – CO lawsuit to remove him from the ballot/Jr. & Eric testify (1:09:15)

Bobby Knight & Matthew Perry die (1:18:10)

Potentium – Episode 236 (7/23/20)

Potentium – Episode 236 (7/23/20)

My good deed for the day

AJ Freund’s mother sentenced to 35 years (8:25)

NJ Judge’s family shot by anti-feminist/Trump campaign volunteer (14:05)

Fox “news” – Ed Henry accused of rape/Tucker Carlson & Sean Hannity accused of sexual harassment (17:40)

Twitter bans QAnon accounts/Sebastian Gorka (24:50)

Roger Stone calls Mo Kelly a “negro” on the air (31:00)

Coronavirus – Cases & deaths continue to spike/GA Gov. Kemp orders anti-mask mandate/Retailers impose their own policies/Trump’s week of flip-flopping/Wishes Ghislaine Maxwell “well”/85 babies infected by Covid in Texas town (33:50)

Trump – Mary Trump/Tries to get UK Ambassador to get British open at his golf course in Scotland/Chris Wallace interview/Daniel Dale fact check (1:02:55)

John Lewis dies (1:25:20)

Potentium – Episode 112 (3/3/18)

Potentium – Episode 112 (3/3/18)

Altercation at 7-11 with a drunken Trumpanzee (3:40)

DACA goes nowhere/Gerrymandering (12:40)

Trump the “hero”/NRA & guns/Corporate boycott/Frozen deputy  (16:35)

Russia/Putin/Hope Hicks/Manafort/Kushner/Sessions (1:05:35)

Ivanka doesn’t believe Trump accusers (1:35:00)

The Oscars (1:37:00)

Potentium – Episode 084

Potentium – Episode 084

Martin Landau dies (3:15)

TC from the Damaged Goods podcast was supposed to call in (7:50)

Ann Coulter vs. Delta (9:05)

fox news’ “bombshell” of the “top secret” Comey notes (25:50)

Trump at the G20 Summit/ABC News Australia with bullseye commentary (30:55)

Trumpcare fails again (36:55)

Donald Trump Jr./Russia/Sessions/Watergate (43:55)

Trump – Mueller/Ty Cobb/Spicey resigns/Scaramucci (1:29:15)

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park dies (1:44:25)