Potentium – Episode 029

Potentium – Episode 029

Bill Cosby to stand trial for sexual abuse

President Obama visits Hiroshima

Movie/TV reviews – Captain America: Civil War/Deadpool/Daredevil/Gotham

Trump – Conspiracy theories, 911 profits, women, The NRA, Elizabeth Warren

Nick Menza, former drummer of Megadeth, dies on stage of heart failure

Thank you to the US military for their service & happy Memorial Day!

Nick Menza

Potentium – Episode 028

Potentium – Episode 028


Oklahoma introduces bill to make performing an abortion a felony/Governor vetoes

DOJ issues statement on transgender bathroom use

72 year old woman has a baby after taking fertility drugs

Elderly man kills chronically ill wife because they couldn’t afford her medication

Donald Trump – Megyn Kelly interview/Elizabeth Warren/London Mayor Sadiq Khan/Obama

Bernie Sanders/Nevada primary controversy

Bernie Sanders 1

Potentium – Episode 027

Potentium – Episode 027


Ringing Brothers finally retires circus elephants

Math Professor gets questioned on a plane for being a terrorist… for doing math

Jon Stewart comments on the GOP, Trump & the media with David Axelrod

Trump & the GOP division/Trump in the 80’s/Twitter war – Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren/Trump a.k.a. “John Miller”

Show dedicated to my friend Kirk who is suffering from amnesia

Battlebots 1

Potentium – Episode 026

Potentium – Episode 026

North Carolina in violation of Civil Rights Act of 1964

Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore suspended (again) for civil rights violations/homophobia

Wisconsin town to charge the parents of  bullies with fines

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee/Paul Ryan on Trump

Trump supporting tow truck driver leaves disabled woman on the side of the road because she was a Bernie Sanders supporter…Plus “the lord” told him to

Update on the wimp that is Luis J Gomez

Interview with career Army veteran 1st Sergeant Bianna Yeager

Army 1st Sargent Bianna Yeager