Potentium – Episode 020

Potentium – Episode 020

JetBlue Flight Attendant sprints away from 70 pounds of cocaine

Fanatical, Evangelical Georgia parents say that Yoga promotes “non Christian beliefs” in public schools

Religion – LGBT anti-discrimination laws & abortion laws being repealed across the South

Mr. “Family values” Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children due to domestic abuse

The terrorist attacks in Brussels/The solutions according to Ted Cruz & Donald Trump & the battle to belittle each other’s wives

Head of CBS Les Moonves makes a sobering confession regarding Trump

Protesters block path to Trump rally/What the word “riot” means

Interview with Hollywood Casting Director Chadwick Struck

Bernie isn’t dead yet…What is Democratic Socialism

Chadwick Struck

Potentium – Episode 019

Potentium – Episode 019

Sea World will stop the breeding & performances of orcas

Eaglets at the D.C. arboretum are about to get brutal

N. Korea and the tyrant that is Kim Jong Un/American college student sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a sign

Primary elections/Bernie Sanders and Hillary’s foot in her mouth multiple times this past week

Which evil is the lesser between Cruz & Trump/Possible GOP brokered convention/Ted Cruz’ Pastor who says gays should be put to death

Interview with comedian Jeremy McLellan – jeremymclellan.com

Jeremy McLellan

Potentium – Episode 018

Potentium – Episode 018

Federal immigration judge says 3 year olds can represent themselves in court

UK gene editing and it’s slippery slope

Gun activist mother shot by her toddler from back seat of the car

Obama is starting to get things off of his chest

The violence that surrounds Donald Trump rallies no matter where they are/St. Louis/Chicago

Republicans are starting to get things off of their chests

Jamie Gilt 2

Potentium – Episode 017

Potentium – Episode 017

The Oscars

Johnson & Johnson fined a whole 72 million dollars for giving women ovarian cancer/GM knowingly kills 125 with faulty ignition switches

LAPD finds knife on OJ Simpson’s property

Three people stabbed at KKK rally in Anaheim, Ca.

GOP debate highlights & dick jokes

The horrible reality that is “now” the republican party

The beginning of the reality of Trump’s promises

Hail to Chief Trump

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tom Kidd/REX (204168d) KU KLUX KLAN IN FLORIDA, AMERICA - 1992 (Newscom TagID: rexphotos671655.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]