Potentium – Episode 415 (1/18/24)

Potentium – Episode 415 (1/18/24)

Unhealthiest states in the country

Gavin Newsom promises veto on CA bill to ban youth football (7:45)

Florida – Book ban “reviews”/Train “accidents” at same intersection (16:50)

Bill Maher & Seth McFarlane on vaccines (27:20)

House spends $40,000 on new pins while complaining about spending (44:40)

Trump – Court outbursts/get out and vote for him, even if you might die/Threatens President Biden (47:25)

NFL Wild Card blowout weekend (1:01:40)

Golden Globes/Emmys/Killers of the Flower Moon (1:07:10)

No show next week folks…It’s root canal time (1:12:10)

Potentium – Episode 017

Potentium – Episode 017

The Oscars

Johnson & Johnson fined a whole 72 million dollars for giving women ovarian cancer/GM knowingly kills 125 with faulty ignition switches

LAPD finds knife on OJ Simpson’s property

Three people stabbed at KKK rally in Anaheim, Ca.

GOP debate highlights & dick jokes

The horrible reality that is “now” the republican party

The beginning of the reality of Trump’s promises

Hail to Chief Trump

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tom Kidd/REX (204168d) KU KLUX KLAN IN FLORIDA, AMERICA - 1992 (Newscom TagID: rexphotos671655.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Potentium – Episode 016

Potentium – Episode 016

Kentucky ultrasound law/Abortion laws in conservative states/California birth control law

Darlene McBride – “Take Back America Tour”

Donald Trump can say or do anything he wants/The latest GOP debate/Trump vs. Rubio/Trump WILL be President

The Oscars – Movie & TV reviews/The Hateful Eight and the N word

Kansas shooting spree – Nothing to see here…move along

The FBI vs. Apple


Potentium – Episode 011

Potentium – Episode 011

Flying solo indefinitely

Celebrity deaths in the past month

The Oscars controversy/“Actress” Stacey Dash’s comments

The return of Sarah Palin

US Navy boat drifts into Iranian waters/Ted Cruz & his comments

The water poisoning in Flint, MI

Sarah Palin 1