Potentium – Episode 036

Potentium – Episode 036

Double episode/RNC convention special

Political powerhouses “Chachi” & Antonio Sabato Jr.

Redneck Willie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty”

Former KKK head David Duke running for Louisiana Senate

Rudy Giuliani

Melania Trump plagiarizes Michelle Obama’s speech

Chris Christie

Illinois Republican delegate Lori Gayne kicked out of RNC for racial slurs on social media

Ted Cruz snubs Trump & the GOP

Donald Trump (I fucked up the editing sequence of the speech for a few minutes because I was pretty buzzed. lol Sorry about that)

Bill Maher & Jon Stewart on the GOP

RNC 2016

Potentium – Episode 035

Potentium – Episode 035

Terrorist attack in Nice, France

Penn State students want Joe Paterno statue returned/Paterno knew of child abuse by Jerry Sandusky since 1976

Hate mail/fan mail/Call to fan J.C. from Texas

Nancy Grace is leaving HLN/Nancy Grace vs. Nancy Grace on pot

The Noah’s Ark “museum” in Kentucky/Bill Nye vs. John Ham

Trump – RBG/Gov. Mike Pence is running mate/Comments on Nice attack

Mick Jagger expecting eighth child at 72

Noah's Ark Kentucky

Potentium – Episode 034

Potentium – Episode 034

Louisiana, Minnesota & Dallas shootings

Americans & their knowledge of Independence Day (San Diego)

Big Supreme Court decisions from the past two weeks

Hillary Clinton/Benghazi/Emails

Trump – Sarah Palin schooled by ten year old regarding Trump/Trump’s “kind of” anti-semitic tweet/Trump praises Saddam Hussein

Former Rep. Joe Walsh threatens the President/Who is actually “divisive?”