Potentium – Episode 081

Potentium – Episode 081

Stephen Furst (Flounder from Animal House) dies (1:55)

TV’s Batman Adam West dies (4:40)

Otto Warmbier dies after a year in a N. Korean prison (11:40)

Megyn Kelly interviews Alex Jones (20:55)

White House press briefing stonewall (1:13:55)

Trumpcare/Bernie/Elizabeth Warren (1:19:20)

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow says Trump not under investigation (1:38:10)

The James Comey “tapes” (1:44:30)

Potentium – Episode 080

Potentium – Episode 080

Trump’s travel ban shot down again (3:00)

Trump sued by DC & Maryland AG’s as well as 200 Dems (12:05)

Jeff Sessions’ testimony (16:10)

Trump under investigation for obstruction of justice (57:15)

Washington D.C. shooting (1:02:45)

interview with writer/poet Corey Messick (1:09:25) 

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6ho6JwGbeznFfHuzq7Dsdg

Potentium – Episode 079

Potentium – Episode 079

Penn State officials finally jailed/Jerry Sandusky (2:15)

Ohio AG sues big pharma over opioid epidemic (6:10)

Bill Maher the “house nigga” (15:35)

Devin Nunes/Subpoenas/Reality Winner arrested (29:25)

London Bridge terrorist attack (39:15)

Megyn Kelly interviews Vladimir Putin (51:20)

James Comey testifies/Trump & his lawyer respond (1:03:45)

Tool at the Allstate Arena in the drunk & stoned 9th row (1:33:10)


Potentium – Episode 078

Potentium – Episode 078

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI (3:00)

Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself for election loss (18:45)

The Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu speaks out about the pathetic Confederacy (23:20)

Betsy DeVos & discrimination disguised as “state’s rights” (27:20)

Attack in Portland/Jeremy Christian/White supremacy (38:40)

The idiot that is Kathy Griffin/Conservative double standard (1:24:00)

Trump pulls the US out of the Paris Climate Accord (1:41:20)

Going to see TOOL in the 9th row this Thursday night! (1:53:10)