Potentium – Episode 077

Lisa Spoonauer (Caitlyn Bree) from Clerks & Roger Moore (007) die (2:00)

Notre Dame students walk out on Mike Pence (6:35)

Michael Flynn to take the 5th (17:35)

Trump asks more officials to back off Russian investigation/Former CIA Director Brennan/ (21:45)

Jared Kushner under FBI investigation (35:20)

Trump speaks on NATO/terrorism/Manchester attack (42:20)

Trump’s budget (1:06:40)

Seth Rich/fox “news” conspiracy theories & Sean Hannity (1:21:55)

Have a good Memorial Day!

Potentium – Episode 076

Potentium – Episode 076

Richard Spencer and his tiki torch led protest (2:15)

The Alex Jones apology tour continues (14:10)

Texas bill discriminates and is disguised as religious “freedom” (27:55)

Trump speaks at Liberty University (31:20)

Trump reveals classified info to the Russians (38:25)

Trump threatens James Comey (45:55)

Sally Yates interview with Anderson Cooper (59:50)

Special Prosecutor named for Trump/Russia ties (105:55)

James Comes to testify…Again (1:19:20)

WPIC AM 790 Youngstown, PA…Michael Savage/Yours truly vs. The Stefan Martin Show (1:25:55)

Chris Cornell dies (1:46:50)

Potentium – Episode 075

Potentium – Episode 075

My first round of golf in 4 years & a senior citizen altercation on the course (2:55)

Bee Gees tribute/Bee Gees – “Lonely Days, Lonely Nights” vs. The Pet Shop Boys – “Opportunites” (13:25)

Trumpcare (17:45)

Warnings about Michael Flynn (26:40)

FBI Director James Comey fired (35:45)

Bill Maher – The lesser of two evils (1:31:25)

We have joined the BS Podcast Network (1:37:10)

No new Tool album in 2017 (1:39:20)

Potentium – Episode 074

Potentium – Episode 074

Star Wars day – May the 4th Be With You! (3:20)

Sniper Elite III/Assassin’s Creed/Bioshock/Parents who let kids play violent and or adult video games (7:00)

The fox “news” lawsuit of the week (13:15)

James Comey testimony (16:15)

Trump ad on first 100 days (25:20)

Trump & the Civil War (29:25)

The religious “liberty” bill (48:00)

Trump says the US needs a “good shutdown” (57:55)

Trumpcare (1:03:05)

Trump abruptly ends interview with John Dickerson/Stephen Colbert  (1:16:00)