Potentium – Episode 057

Potentium – Episode 057

Coordinated mall “fights” across America (3:15)

A black girl calls me a racist on Facebook & says white people have no right to even talk about racism (8:05)

CBD (Cannabis oil) rescheduled as schedule 1 drug (18:00)

Jerry Lewis is a complete prick in a recent interview (25:35)

President Obama sanctions Russia for election interference (39:15)

Trump – Former Trump Aide Carl Palladino’s prejudiced comments about the Obamas (42:35)

Israel & David Friedman appointment (45:10)

Trump thanks himself in the third person & says “Happy New Year” on Twitter (52:40)

The Year in review (53:50)

Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds & George Michael die (103:00)

Steve Martin gets backlash over Tweet (1:10:40)

Other celebrity deaths of 2016 (1:20:25)

Happy New Year folks! Thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 056

Potentium – Episode 056

Berlin attack (3:30)

Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated (11:30)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio brings up Obama’s birth certificate…Again (18:00)

Texas defunds Planned Parenthood (23:50)

North Carolina continues to prove how stupid they are (28:30)

Kentucky woman banned from JC Penney for life for racist rant (34:40)

Trump – Tom Arnold’s “tapes” (46:45)

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio makes a statement regarding Trump  (56:40)

Obama removes “Entry/Exit” law (59:15)

Kelly Anne Conway appointed White House Counselor (1:01:20)

Trump’s kids and their fundraising businesses (1:03:35)

Ted Cruz says Democrats will be unprecedented obstructionists (1:07:35)

Obama’s “war on Christmas” (1:11:05)

Trump and nuclear weapons (1:12:05)

Christmas tunes from the past (1:17:45)

Rogue One (1:26:10)

Merry Christmas everyone & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 055

Potentium – Episode 055

Guest co-host Shawn Thorpe from blubrry.com

California to ban lawyers from having sex with their clients (4:30)

Arkansas passes birth certificate bill (11:35)

Texas Pastor goes to mall to tell children Santa isn’t real (18:50)

Cindy Brady goes on homophobic rant and gets fired from her radio show (34:15)

More Trump appointments (42:55)

Russian interference in the US election (54:20)

The Trump victory tour (1:15:35)

Alan Thicke dies (1:22:00)

Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (124:45)

Potentium – Episode 054

Potentium – Episode 054

Dakota Access Pipeline halted (2:30)

Hate mail (8:05)

Article – 5 Things I learned Growing Up Liberal in the South (38:30)

Chicago Tribune article by Rex Huppke – In fact-free America, maybe millions of Trump supporters voted twice (46:50)

The Weather Channel calls out Breitbart on climate change article (50:45)

The death of facts/“Pizzagate” & the Flynn’s (54:45)

Alex Jones & the Sandy Hook “hoax” (1:26:50)


Potentium – Episode 053

Potentium – Episode 053

Joined by guest Co-Host Tony “The Concert Pig”

Dakota Access Pipeline/Standing Rock standoff (5:15)

Liberal mother wants to ban “Huck Finn” & “To Kill a Mockingbird” from local school curriculum (13:25)

Texas files to require abortion clinics to bury or cremate fetuses (23:05)

Leah Remini & Scientology (26:30)

Trevor Noah vs. Tomi Lahren (31:30)

Conway vs. Palmieri (49:40)

Trump – Recount Tweets/(56:05)

Burning the flag (1:08:40)

New appointees & Trump “victory tour” (1:15:25)

Celjun – The Knife Fight