Potentium – Episode 256 (12/17/20)

Potentium – Episode 256 (12/17/20)

Zodiac cipher cracked after 51 years/D.B. Cooper

Tom Cruise goes off on the set of Mission Impossible 7 (9:25)

Hate mail – Religious nut job talking about how he’s going to kill me after “the rapture” (18:15)

Interview with Kenny from Tempe who got a murderer arrested after he came into his bar (22:35)

Trump – SCOTUS refuses to hear bullshit Texas case/Goes after FDA/Vaccine/The “million” MAGA March/The “My Pillow” idiot speaks again/Cultists want to “Destroy the GOP”/Proud Boys vs. ANTIFA/William Barr “resigns” (55:10)

Biden certified by Electoral College/Mitch McConnell finally accepts the victory (1:21:40)


Potentium – Episode 104 (12/30/17)

Potentium – Episode 104 (12/30/17)

Love/hate mail (3:20)

Roy Moore claims voter fraud (31:15)

“Unqualified” Judge Leonard Grasz given lifetime appointment (34:50)

Corey Lewandowski accused of sexual assault by Joy Villa (43:40)

Trump & the U.N. (55:20)

Wolf Blitzer vs. Senator Bob Corker (1:04:05)

The Mueller emails & investigation/Trump’s New York Times interview (1:12:15)

News year in review/Celebrity deaths of 2017 (1:28:15)

Notre Dame suspends three players (1:39:15)

Happy new year folks!

Potentium – Episode 070

Potentium – Episode 070

Murder suicides across America (3:50)

The notorious Sciglitano family of Wilmington, DE and their house of botched murder suicides (4:50)

Hate AND love mail (19:45)

Alex Jones & his “Pizzagate” apology (36:00)

Trump… Cuts/reversals/Bernie Sanders (56:35)

Mister Rogers in front of a Senate committee in 1969 asking for funding for PBS/CPS (1:09:25)

Michael Flynn/Immunity/Golfing/Repeal & replace/Presidents under FBI investigation (1:22:50)

Bill Maher & Timothy Snyder on tyranny (1:49:20)

Potentium – Episode 054

Potentium – Episode 054

Dakota Access Pipeline halted (2:30)

Hate mail (8:05)

Article – 5 Things I learned Growing Up Liberal in the South (38:30)

Chicago Tribune article by Rex Huppke – In fact-free America, maybe millions of Trump supporters voted twice (46:50)

The Weather Channel calls out Breitbart on climate change article (50:45)

The death of facts/“Pizzagate” & the Flynn’s (54:45)

Alex Jones & the Sandy Hook “hoax” (1:26:50)


Potentium – Episode 035

Potentium – Episode 035

Terrorist attack in Nice, France

Penn State students want Joe Paterno statue returned/Paterno knew of child abuse by Jerry Sandusky since 1976

Hate mail/fan mail/Call to fan J.C. from Texas

Nancy Grace is leaving HLN/Nancy Grace vs. Nancy Grace on pot

The Noah’s Ark “museum” in Kentucky/Bill Nye vs. John Ham

Trump – RBG/Gov. Mike Pence is running mate/Comments on Nice attack

Mick Jagger expecting eighth child at 72

Noah's Ark Kentucky

Potentium – Episode 012

Potentium – Episode 012

Hate mail vol. 2 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Guns & Muslims

The Oregon “standoff” & latest developments

Bullet points on latest GOP debate

Trump flip-flop montage/Washington Post article – The education of Trump supporters

People who sabotaged Planned Parenthood indicted

Ammon Bundy

Potentium – Episode 009

Potentium – Episode 009

Our first pieces of hate mail from “Stacey M”, “JerryJerryBoisenberry” & “Jessster”

Trump calls for a ban on all Muslims entering the country

GOP & Muslim backlash & the absolute stupidity of the majority of  republican constituents

Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Does Edward have a girlfriend?

Trump Hitler