Potentium – Episode 052

Potentium – Episode 052

Fidel Castro dies (3:25)

Flagstaff cop punches woman in the face (14:45)

Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy condemns Joe Paterno for covering up pedophelia (18:05)

Indiana introduces “Protection at conception” bill (22:35)

Kanye West has a narcissistic meltdown (30:45)

Snoop Dogg on Kanye, “This nigga crazy”/Snoop’s wild kingdom (38:40)

Green Day makes an anti-Trump statement at the AMA’s (45:05)

Trump supporter & Nazi Richard B. Spencer/“Hail Trump!” (46:00)

Trump’s Thanksgiving message (55:10)

Mike Pence, Hamilton, SNL & Trump Tweets (1:10:30)

Vampira & Barron staying in Trump Tower (1:23:35)

Jill Stein calls for a recount in three states (1:25:20) 

Jon Stewart on the election (1:30:40)


Potentium – Episode 051

Potentium – Episode 051

Kennedy Assassination (1:45)

President Elect Trump – Rape case dropped (3:00)

60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl (3:55)

Trump “draining the swamp” with career politicians & alt right fanatics (48:50)

Sid Miller calls Hillary Clinton a cunt (1:02:00)

W. Virginia Rep. and Mayor gone after “ape in heels” comment regarding Michelle Obama (1:04:10)

Trump vs. African dictators (1:06:30)

Carl Higbie and internment camps (1:09:10)

Trump settles Trump U case for $25 million dollars (1:13:30)

Facebook, Twitter & Google crack down on alt right & fake news sites (1:17:25)

Bill Maher on the hypocrisy of Evangelicals (1:30:35)

Metallica makes  nice with technology (1:38:25)

U.S  President John F. Kennedy, 1963  (AP Photo)
U.S President John F. Kennedy, 1963 (AP Photo)

Potentium – Episode 050

Potentium – Episode 050

Donald Trump wins the Presidency/Election recap & speeches/Protests

Michele Bachmann says “the lord” got Trump elected because of her prayer group

Paul Ryan is now Trump friendly

Obama speaks about election/Meets with Trump

Bernie Sanders speaks about Trump

Stephen A. Smith rips Colin Kaepernick for not voting

Van Jones speaks about “white lash”

Trump’s contradicting Tweets about protestors/Ok with some of Obamacare

Julian Assange to face questioning over raping two underage girls

Sheriff Joe Arpaio loses 7th bid for office

There is one Cub fan alive from 1908


Potentium – Episode 049

Potentium – Episode 049

The Cubs win the World Series!

Trump – Kicks black supporter out of rally (22:40)

Central Park Five (29:25)

“Jew-SA” & Kellyanne Conway (35:50)

Trump on the NFL, concussions, & the Redskins (45:15)

Jason Chaffetz & Benghazi (53:10)

Russian business ties (58:01)

Trump’s December hearing for raping a 13 year old girl (1:04:05)

Vampira Trump speaks again (1:11:20)

Praising the Clintons (1:31:05)

Joy Behar vs. Kellyanne Conway (1:34:10)

Final assault on Donald Trump (1:46:50)