Potentium – Episode 413 (1/4/24)

Potentium – Episode 413 (1/4/24)

KY woman goes in for kidney stone surgery, suffers from septic shock, and has all of her limbs amputated

CA 10 year old shoots another ten year old, with felon “father’s” stolen gun, because he lost a bike race (10:50)

Kim Davis ordered to pay $360,000 because of her bigotry (18:55)

Biden – Oil production at all time high (22:05)

Trump & the ballot (31:45)

Green Day changes lyrics to “American Idiot” during NYE performance and conservatives go hypocritically nuts/Elon Musk (37:05)

Aaron Rodgers and his never ending ignorance (43:05)

A-cappella clips of famous singers (48:45)

Celine Dion no longer has control of her muscles, which includes her vocal chords (1:17:15)

Potentium – Episode 052

Potentium – Episode 052

Fidel Castro dies (3:25)

Flagstaff cop punches woman in the face (14:45)

Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy condemns Joe Paterno for covering up pedophelia (18:05)

Indiana introduces “Protection at conception” bill (22:35)

Kanye West has a narcissistic meltdown (30:45)

Snoop Dogg on Kanye, “This nigga crazy”/Snoop’s wild kingdom (38:40)

Green Day makes an anti-Trump statement at the AMA’s (45:05)

Trump supporter & Nazi Richard B. Spencer/“Hail Trump!” (46:00)

Trump’s Thanksgiving message (55:10)

Mike Pence, Hamilton, SNL & Trump Tweets (1:10:30)

Vampira & Barron staying in Trump Tower (1:23:35)

Jill Stein calls for a recount in three states (1:25:20) 

Jon Stewart on the election (1:30:40)