Potentium – Episode 073

Potentium – Episode 073

The confusing Chicago Bears draft picks (2:40)

Breitbart gets it’s Congressional press credentials revoked (8:20)

Alex Jones sued by Chobani/Loses custody of his kids/Parental alienation syndrome (10:50)

Bill O’Reilly responds to his firing on his new podcast/Jesse Watters/fox “news” (35:25)

Alabama in all it’s glory – Gov. Robert Bentley/Judge Roy Moore/AG Jeff Sessions (53:10)

The wall/Government shutdown issues/ First 100 days (1:16:45)

General Michael Flynn under investigation (1:29:35)

Bill Maher – Republicans are dicks (1:41:05)

Potentium – Episode 072

Potentium – Episode 072

Blackhawks swept out of NHL playoffs (5:10)

Steve Bannon vs. Jared Kushner (10:00)

Trump flip flops/Military actions (21:50)

Vampira reads to the children on Easter (38:50)

Alex Jones/custody hearing/Lawyer says he’s playing a character (57:00)

Bill O’Reilly fired from fox “news” (1:18:40)

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent & Kid Rock visit the White House (1:33:35)

Potentium – Episode 071

Potentium – Episode 071

A Dr. comes to give my mom a physical, makes inappropriate remarks, and suffers the consequences (5:30)

Terrorist attack in Sweden (21:35)

Bill O’Reilly and sexual harassment at Fox News (26:40)

Devin Nunes recuses himself from Russia investigation (40:25)

Neil Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court by nuclear option (49:40)

Syrian chemical attack/US response/Fallout (1:00:15)

Brian Williams calls missile attacks “beautiful” (1:27:55)

Obama on Syria – 9/16 (1:30:20)

Don Rickles dies (1:39:45)

Potentium – Episode 070

Potentium – Episode 070

Murder suicides across America (3:50)

The notorious Sciglitano family of Wilmington, DE and their house of botched murder suicides (4:50)

Hate AND love mail (19:45)

Alex Jones & his “Pizzagate” apology (36:00)

Trump… Cuts/reversals/Bernie Sanders (56:35)

Mister Rogers in front of a Senate committee in 1969 asking for funding for PBS/CPS (1:09:25)

Michael Flynn/Immunity/Golfing/Repeal & replace/Presidents under FBI investigation (1:22:50)

Bill Maher & Timothy Snyder on tyranny (1:49:20)