Potentium vs. Luis J. Gomez & the Real Ass Podcast

Potentium vs. Luis J. Gomez & the Real Ass Podcast

Hey folks, since we’re off this week, I give you the only podcast “war” I’ve been in since I started the show.

I know most of you haven’t heard this, and this is the only place you WILL hear it since Luis is such a wimp.

He went off on me live on his show, then edited the whole segment out.

He complains to every outlet it’s posted on and has it taken down, so hurry up and listen!


Luis J Gomez 3

Potentium – Episode 026

Potentium – Episode 026

North Carolina in violation of Civil Rights Act of 1964

Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore suspended (again) for civil rights violations/homophobia

Wisconsin town to charge the parents of  bullies with fines

Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee/Paul Ryan on Trump

Trump supporting tow truck driver leaves disabled woman on the side of the road because she was a Bernie Sanders supporter…Plus “the lord” told him to

Update on the wimp that is Luis J Gomez

Interview with career Army veteran 1st Sergeant Bianna Yeager

Army 1st Sargent Bianna Yeager

Potentium – Episode 025

Potentium – Episode 025

Luis J Gomez of the “Real Ass Podcast” talks about me on his airwaves…Sort of/Luis calls my house/The “Gomites” make bomb & death threats toward me and rape threats toward my mother

Oklahoma law says forcible sodomy is ok if victim is passed out

Virginia Governor allows felons to vote

Snapchat sued by woman who used app while driving and crashed

Trump and Clinton sweep the East/Ted Cruz & Carly Fiorina

NFL draft/Chicago Bears/Notre Dame/Chicago Blackhawks


Potentium – Episode 024

Potentium – Episode 024

Broadcaster Luis J. Gomez attacks me on multiple social media pages/backs down after challenge to call in

The “Real Ass Dudes” & the “Legion of Skanks”

Southwest Airlines kicks a college student off of a plane for speaking Arabic

Harriet Tubman to be on the $20 bill/Donald Trump

The “Liberal Redneck” on transgender bigotry

Stand up comedian Carlos Valencia calls in

Luis J. Gomez keeps tweeting/still wimps out as far as calling in

Prince dies at 57

Carlos Valencia