Potentium – Episode 280 (6/3/21)

Potentium – Episode 280 (6/3/21)

Naomi Osaka pulls out of the French Open (4:30)

Animatronic animals in zoos (9:35)

Tulsa day of remembrance (15:40)

Col. Ty Seidule explains the Civil War (26:30)

My Pillow Guy kicked out of GOP Conference (34:55)

TX voting bill fails (40:35)

Jan 6th Commission blocked by GOP (47:50)

Matt Gaetz, Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell & Trump cultists on overthrowing the government (51:55)

Ted Cruz & his hypocritical stance on vaccines (1:03:20)

Biden – More GOP hypocrisy (1:06:20)

Netanyahu to be ousted as Israeli Prime Minister (1:08:55)

Bill Maher – Celebrities running for office (1:11:40)

Potentium – Episode 085

Potentium – Episode 085

Guess what everybody…I got laid last night! (2:45)

Podcasters Terry & Duane call in (3:45)

Now more than ever, ANYBODY can grow up to be President – Kanye West/Oprah/Kid Rock/Caitlyn Jenner (39:10)

Trump attacks Jeff Sessions  (50:50)

Russian sanctions in spite of the “hoax” (57:40)

Trump addresses the Boy Scouts of America (59:35)

Trump will ban all transgenders from the military (1:05:40)

Senate “Skinny repeal” on health care fails (1:39:15)

Reince Priebus “resigns”/ “The MOOCH!” (1:45:25)

Potentium – Episode 003

Potentium – Episode 003

Stone Mountain, Georgia/MLK monument controversy, whitewashing history

TV – American Horror Story: Hotel, Gotham, Minority Report, The Walking Dead, Back to the Future Day & Marty’s luck

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

Caitlyn Jenner & Reese Witherspoon win Glamour Magazine’s “Woman of the Year”/Transgender issues/Prejudice/The Federalist’s article by Nicole Russell

What “Black Lives Matter” means/Police shootings & being a police officer

AHS- Hotel - Demon rapist