Potentium – Episode 363 (1/19/23)

Potentium – Episode 363 (1/19/23)

Rate of scientific breakthroughs slowing over time

MA man arrested for dismembering his wife after leaving a blueprint of his crime (8:30)

TX Judge sets $1 bond for repeat violent offender who violates conditions within 3 days (14:25)

Four year old’s father arrested after the child gets a hold of his gun & waves it outside (20:35)

Former NM GOP candidate for Congress arrested for hiring hit squad to shoot at Democratic officials (23:30)

More bullshit from George Santos a.k.a. Anthony Devolder – Lied about mother being in S Tower on 9/11/Scams homeless vet out of money for dog’s surgery/Gets committee assignments along with the rest of the Republican lunatic fringe (29:45)

GOP hypocrisy on the debt ceiling (42:00)

Alec Baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter (47:45)

Julian Sands missing on Mt. Baldy (50:15)

Lisa Marie Presley, Robbie Knievel & David Crosby die (53:30)

Potentium – Episode 091

Shot a 95 in my latest round of golf (4:25)

80 year old woman fights off rabid bobcat with a sickle (8:25)

Oklahoma City bombing copycat thwarted (14:35)

Kim Jong Un tests hydrogen bomb (18:25)

Trump/DACA/Jeff Sessions/Debt ceiling (23:50)

Bill Maher – If Obama said what Trump said (52:15)

Clinton blames Bernie Sanders for loss/“Dirty Bernie Sanders” calls in (1:00:35)

Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida/Rush Limbaugh says hurricanes are part of a liberal agenda/The weather with Frankie MacDonald (1:13:45)

Notre Dame faces its first test against Georgia/Chicago Bears (1:30:55)

Walter Becker, co-founder of Steely Dan dies (1:33:45)