Potentium – Episode 431 (5/16/24)

Potentium – Episode 431 (5/16/24)

VA school wants to rename schools after Confederate “heroes” again

Joey Swoll & the toxic atmosphere in today’s gyms (15:50)

1st Amendment Frauditor seems to get his head out of his ass (26:35)

IL proposes bill to make fleeing & eluding police a felony (46:30)

DOJ investigating Boeing for breaking terms of deal (55:20)

Rudy Giuliani fired from his radio show (58:40)

Trump – Michael Cohen testifies/Debate with Biden (1:02:30)

Scottie Scheffler arrested on his way to round 2 of the PGA Championship (1:14:45)

John Barbata (Drummer for Jefferson Airplane/Starship) dies

Potentium – Episode 386 (6/29/23)

Potentium – Episode 386 (6/29/23)

Tourist defaces Roman Coliseum

Chicago Hot dog stand murder charges dropped against mother & son (11:30)

Russian coup attempt…sort of (17:20)

SCOTUS – Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas & ethics/NC election law case (24:40)

Kari Lake sued by Maricopa County official for defamation (35:20)

Jan 6th rioter who tazed Officer Fanone sentenced to 12 1/2 years (37:10)

Trump audio recordings regarding classified docs (38:40)

Bidenomics (44:05)

Happy 3 year anniversary without an episode to those QAnon idiots at Damaged Goods (57:20) 

Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary (58:45)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel/Chordettes dance challenge (1:00:20)

Domingo German throws perfect game for the Yankees (1:03:55)

Julian Sands’ remains found on Mt. Baldy (1:04:55)

Have a safe & happy 4th everyone…Thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 266 (2/25/21)

Potentium – Episode 266 (2/25/21)

UT bill regarding trans women in female sports/Marjorie Taylor Greene & her sign

1st endangered animal cloned (5:10)

Another stupid ass gender reveal death (11:00)

No charges against Rochester officers in Daniel Prude’s death (15:15)

Covid – US reaches 500,000 deaths/Fox “news” and their 180 on the virus (20:10)

95 year old former Nazi concentration camp guard deported to Germany (35:25)

Hearings – Neera Tanden & Capitol Police officials/“Angry Patriot Hippie” arrested in FL after threatening FBI agents (37:40)

Mike Madigan “resigns” as Illinois House Speaker/Biden fires prosecutor investigating Illinois corruption and draws bipartisan backlash (56:15)

Biden – American foreign policy/Fox “news” on Executive Orders, then and now (1:03:32)

Framing Britney (1:13:35)

Tiger Woods’ car accident (1:22:00)

Potentium – Episode 095 (10/21/17)

Potentium – Episode 095 (10/21/17)

Massive technical difficulties last week

Star Wars – The Last Jedi (2:30)

Harvey Weinstein (5:55)

California makes knowingly infecting people with AIDS a  misdemeanor from a felony/Wildfires (14:45)

SCOTUS gerrymandering case/Arnold Schwarzenneger (21:15)

Gay coffee shop owner kicks out “christians” (25:50)

John McCain on white supremacy (32:50)

Trump – Vampira vs. Vampira/Trump vs. Tillerson, Corker, NBC & everyone else/Stock market & the debt/Executive orders/Health care (36:40)

The GOP/Obama’s premonition jokes/George W. Bush (1:06:00)

The attack in Niger/General Kelly/Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (1:15:35)

Blackhawks/Notre Dame/Bears/Cubs/Mike Ditka’s stupid comments/NFL & the Anthem/John Caponera’s Harry Caray (1:28:20)

Potentium – Episode 069

Potentium – Episode 069

Guest Co-host Ricky Harris from the Nickel & Dime Podcast


My call to the Nickel & Dime Podcast last week (5:15)

My Neighbor’s car/my alarm clock at 6am every morning (20:55)

Oklahoma State Representative George Faught says rape and incest is the “will of god” (26:30)

Tomi Lahren from The Blaze gets suspended for a week for saying she’s pro choice (32:45)

Trump supporter gets denied service at NYC bar (49:30)

Trump cuts funding for Meals on Wheels (58:00)

James Comey hearing (1:04:55)

Trumpcare bill pulled/Trump blames Democrats (1:19:45)

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a swat at Trump’s approval rating (1:50:40)

The Tool concert ticket saga comes to a culmination (1:53:10)

Potentium – Episode 062

Potentium – Episode 062

Canada mosque shooting (5:35)

Lesbianism listed as medical problem on patient’s chart in South Carolina (15:35)

GOP changes law & approves appointments without Democrats present (18:15)

Steve Bannon on NSC (21:30)

Trump fires AG for “betrayal” (29:50)

Travel ban (46:35)

Yemen attack (55:00)

Religious “freedom” order (59:15)

Iranian sanctions (1:04:45)

Cal Berkeley incident (105:45)

Russian sanctions (1:11:30)

National Prayer Breakfast & The Apprentice (1:13:10)

Kellyanne Conway & “The Bowling Green Massacre” (1:17:35)

Trump’s “beautiful” call with the PM of Australia (1:22:45)

Canadian Parliament speaks out against Trump (1:23:55)

The number of deaths per year caused by Islamic terrorists in the US (1:25:20)

Federal Judge in Washington halts Trump’s travel ban (1:26:20)

Poll finds 42% of Trump supporters say he should be able to have a private email server (1:28:30)

Trump Tweets for the week (1:29:30)

Brent Musburger retires/Super Bowl/Tom Brady (1:33:55)