Potentium – Episode 366 (2/9/23)

Potentium – Episode 366 (2/9/23)

Guy leaves a fish at the Goonies house, steals a boat that capsizes, then gets rescued by the Coast Guard

5th Court of Appeals says domestic abusers can have guns (9:35)

FL pigs shoot condo association board member after he calls for help (17:00)

NC Newly elected, GOP heavy Supreme Court to “revisit” settled voter & gerrymandering cases (24:15)

MI female lawmakers send a clear message (31:00)

George Santos drip – Accused of sexual harassment/Scolded by Mitt Romney (36:30)

SOTU address/Marjorie “Trailer” Greene/Suhey Sanders (43:15)

Le Jerk breaks Kareem’s record but Michael is still the GOAT…By FAR! (1:22:25)

Potentium – Episode 158 (1/26/19)

Potentium – Episode 158 (1/26/19)

Co-Host – Career military vet & Comedian Bianna Yeager

Iowa abortion “Heartbeat Law” ruled unconstitutional (4:30)

Racism – Two OU students leave school over blackface video/FL AG resigns over blackface video (12:00)

Covington HS incident/Nick Sandmann (26:15)

Trump – Transgender military ban/Michael Cohen subpoenaed by the Senate/Rudy Giuliani fucks up again/SOTU/Shutdown/#Trumpcaves/Roger Stone arrested (55:00)

NFL playoffs/Saints non-call/Brady the GOAT (1:43:00)

Potentium – Episode 067

Potentium – Episode 067

Flying solo this week

Miami Attorney defending arsonist catches fire in court (1:30)

Michigan gun nuts walk into police station in masks, body armor and semi-automatic rifles (4:15)

Dallas redneck spews racial slurs about Mexican woman (13:00)

Response from White House about “wiretapping” (17:25)

Dr. Ben Carson’s ideology (39:40)

John Shimkus wants a la carte insurance (50:50)

Trumpcare (58:30)

Trump cuts – TSA, Coast Guard, FEMA, the environment, the military & the Mexican wall (1:06:05)

Trump fires 46 US Attorneys via the media (1:16:00)

Trump now says unemployment numbers are accurate (1:20:20)

Gerrymandering (1:23:50)