Potentium – Episode 408 (11/30/23)

Potentium – Episode 408 (11/30/23)

SC 6 year old killed in hunting accident

CA jogger shoots & kills homeless man (8:35)

AL hospitals closing & losing OB/GYNs (15:05)

Iranians hack PA water plant/Hospitals hacked around the country (24:10)

Elon musk…Billionaire idiot (34:40)

FL to punish students for supporting Palestine/Drag show bill struck down (47:55)

Trump – CO Judge says even though Trump incited an insurrection, he’s still allowed on the ballot (57:15)

You Tube takes down my page for (get this) All in the Family clips (1:02:35)

Charissa Thompson made up reports on Coaches quotes (1:07:35)

Bill Maher – Kids & discipline (1:12:15)

Potentium – Episode 209 (1/16/19)

Potentium – Episode 209 (1/16/19)

Co-Host – Devon Craft – Co-Owner of the BS Podcast Network & Co-Host of the Science Faction Podcast


Devon’s thoughts on the Trump Presidency

PA teen “hunters” charged with felonies after abusing wounded deer (16:45)

KY girl expelled from “christian” school for wearing a rainbow sweater (28:25)

Hillary Clinton cleared of Uranium One/Clinton Foundation charges by DOJ (39:45)

Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders (48:00)

Trump –  Iranian imminent threat narrative/Russians hack Burisma/Impeachment/Giuliani, Marie Yovanovitch & Lev Parnas  (59:20)

Neil Peart dies (1:42:40)

Potentium – Episode 058

Potentium – Episode 058

Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting (3:50)

Brent Musberger backlash about Joe Mixon comments  (17:10)

Kim Burrell’s homophobic rant and backlash (24:30)

Four teens from Chicago kidnap & torture disabled teen from the suburbs (33:55)

Utah Senator says porno is a public health hazard (50:15)

GOP tries to scrap the Office of Congressional Ethics (57:45)

Chris Christie snubbed/Omarosa to be White House Liaison (106:45)

Trump now says USA to pay for Mexican wall on credit (1:09:25)

The Russian Hacking Crisis (1:13:40)

Trump & his Tweets (1:34:35)

William Christopher (Father Mulcahy) dies (1:39:40)