Potentium – Episode 414 (1/11/24)

Potentium – Episode 414 (1/11/24)

NYC subway collision/Alaska Airlines flight loses plane door mid-flight/TX building explodes

Wayne La Pierre resigns from the NRA (16:10)

Lauren Boebert’s husband arrested for assaulting her (20:25)

FL insurrectionists caught/Sentenced (23:25)

Trump – Immunity argument/Foreign money/Civil War could’ve been “negotiated”/Calls jailed Jan 6th insurrectionists “Hostages”/Mocks Biden’s stutter/ANOTHER birther accusation…This time against Nikki Haley (31:15)

Biden – Jared Moskowitz/Trump (52:10)

Nick Saban retires & Bill Belichick leaves the Patriots (1:11:45)

Reacher/Fargo/Hell’s Kitchen (1:13:50)

Potentium – Episode 042

Potentium – Episode 042

Donald Trump – “Basket of deplorables” (2:10)/Harvard Republican Club refuses to support the Republican candidate in 128 years (8:16)/69 year old woman on oxygen gets punched in the face by 70 year old Trump supporter (14:22)/Flint, MI “joke”/Pastor shuts down “The Donald” (16:37)/Hillary Clinton’s health (21:24)/The Obama “birther” issue and a new lie (27:30)/Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel and it’s rates (41:20)/The duality of “Trumpworld” from Rex Huppke the Chicago Tribune (43:00)/Clinton says Trump not fit to be President (48:52)/Keith Olbermann and Samantha Bee “tell it like it is” (49:52)

California bans Orca shows and breeding (51:40)

Interview with fascinating fellow podcaster “Raving Rendal” (53:08)