Potentium – Episode 078

Potentium – Episode 078

Tiger Woods arrested for DUI (3:00)

Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself for election loss (18:45)

The Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu speaks out about the pathetic Confederacy (23:20)

Betsy DeVos & discrimination disguised as “state’s rights” (27:20)

Attack in Portland/Jeremy Christian/White supremacy (38:40)

The idiot that is Kathy Griffin/Conservative double standard (1:24:00)

Trump pulls the US out of the Paris Climate Accord (1:41:20)

Going to see TOOL in the 9th row this Thursday night! (1:53:10)

Potentium – Episode 068

Potentium – Episode 068

The ordeal that is getting Tool concert tickets (2:40)

Chicago snowstorm/The weather with Frankie MacDonald (15:20)

Texas judge declares gerrymandering in three districts (22:45)

SNL/Alex Jones/Mancow/Bubba the Love Sponge (32:45)

Trumpcare/Bernie Sanders (1:04:40)

Wiretapping/Spicey/Conway/Kinzinger/MCCain/Graham/Ryan (1:13:05)

Snoop Dogg’s video where he shoots “Ronald Klump” in the head (1:41:00)