Potentium – Episode 103 (12/16/17)

Potentium – Episode 103 (12/16/17)

Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi *****SPOILERS***** (4:10)

NYC bombing attempt (16:55)

The sexual assault tour of America continues – Dustin Hoffman (23:30)

KY Republican Dan Johnson kills himself over sexual assault allegations (30:00)

Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama Senatorial race (37:45)

GOP wants special counsel to investigate special counsel  (1:03:30)

Judge blocks Trump’s transgender military ban (1:12:40)

Trump vs. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (1:15:25)

Trump nominates COMPLETELY unqualified “judge” Matthew Spencer Peterson to the Federal District Court (1:32:55)

5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting (1:40:25)

Merry Christmas everyone & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 055

Potentium – Episode 055

Guest co-host Shawn Thorpe from blubrry.com

California to ban lawyers from having sex with their clients (4:30)

Arkansas passes birth certificate bill (11:35)

Texas Pastor goes to mall to tell children Santa isn’t real (18:50)

Cindy Brady goes on homophobic rant and gets fired from her radio show (34:15)

More Trump appointments (42:55)

Russian interference in the US election (54:20)

The Trump victory tour (1:15:35)

Alan Thicke dies (1:22:00)

Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (124:45)

Potentium – Episode 039

Potentium – Episode 039

Unreleased George Carlin

Thomas Gibson (Hotch) fired from Criminal Minds

Star Wars: Rogue One/Vader…is…COMING!

The Olympics/Ryan Lochte/Niko Hines from The Daily Beast outs gay athletes all over the world for fun

Donald Trump – Extreme vetting/“regrets”/12 year old runs Trump district in Colorado/Giuliani on Hillary Clinton’s health/The black vote/Immigration/Katrina Pierson

Star Wars 4