Potentium – Episode 311 (1/13/22)

Potentium – Episode 311 (1/13/22)

Fl zoo tiger killed for being a tiger…Because of an idiot

NH dog saves owner & friend after car accident (16:30)

Omicron/Dr. Fauci vs. Rand Paul & Roger Marshall (21:55)

GOP flops regarding Jan. 6th/Sean Hannity’s texts/Tucker Carlson whips Ted Cruz into submission/Trump cultists comment on Jan. 6th (32:10)

Biden pounces on Trump in Jan. 6th memorial speech (1:13:00)

Bears/Raiders, Chargers & Steelers (1:19:05)

Betty White, Bob saget, Sidney Poitier & Ronnie Spector die (1:22:35)

Potentium – Episode 180 (6/28/19)

Potentium – Episode 180 (6/28/19)

Rednecks Talibama car dealership giving away an American flag, a Bible & a 12 gauge shotgun with every car

FL Domestic violence victim arrested for stealing and turning over violent husband’s guns to police (12:35)

AL Pregnant woman shot in the stomach charged with manslaughter after miscarriage (21:40)

Baby girl found in Georgia woods in a plastic bag (26:25)

FL Asshole who killed Bush Gardens flamingo hit and killed by a truck (29:10)

New Jersey bully beats the mother of the kid he bullied in school (38:45)

Republicans in Oregon flee the state rather than lose a vote on climate change (46:10)

SCOTUS comes through on census issue/Fucks America on gerrymandering (56:25)

Trump – Iran/Rape accusation/Mueller to testify/John Sanders resigns/Migrant child detention & the conditions (1:06:50)

Democratic debates (1:13:25)

Update on Bianna’s cancer (1:43:00)

Potentium – Episode 173 (5/10/19)

Potentium – Episode 173 (5/10/19)

Colorado STEM school shooting (4:40)

Winnie the Pooh” voiceover actor Jim Cummings accused of rape & animal abuse (18:45)

Rhode Island “Lunch shaming” (28:55)

Big Pharma prices/HHS/CEO John Kapoor indicted (33:40)

Republican C.D. Davidsmeyer wants to make Chicago it’s own state (43:35)

Ohio district map ruled unconstitutional/Gerrymandering (50:15)

Facebook bans extremists/Chris Hughes says Facebook should be broken up by the government (54:50)

Trump – N. Korea/Pardoning a murderer/Trump’s financial losses from ’85 to ’95/Mitch McConnell/Donald Trump Jr. subpoena/The hypocrisy of Tucker Carlson & Lindsey Graham/Shooting migrants is funny (1:06:20)

New Tool album to be released August 30th!!!!!

Potentium – Episode 167 (3/30/19)

Potentium – Episode 167 (3/30/19)

Siegfried & Roy trainer speaks (5:45)

Trump cultist Anthony Stephens supposed to call into the show

Mom chokes on a nacho chip & I give her the Heimlich during the show (17:40)

Jussie Smollett charges dropped (28:30)

Suicides over Parkland & Sandy Hook/PTSD/Alex Jones (36:00)

Anthony Stephens wimps out

Purdue Pharma settles lawsuits (54:00)

Police take child with high fever from parents/Rockland County NY bans all unvaccinated kids from public spaces (1:02:05)

Mo Brooks (R-AL) compares Democrats to Nazis (1:13:30)

Trump – Mueller Report/William Barr/Adam Schiff/Obamacare/Special Olympics (1:18:20)

Kurt Cobain – 2/20/67 – 4/5/94

Potentium – Episode 042

Potentium – Episode 042

Donald Trump – “Basket of deplorables” (2:10)/Harvard Republican Club refuses to support the Republican candidate in 128 years (8:16)/69 year old woman on oxygen gets punched in the face by 70 year old Trump supporter (14:22)/Flint, MI “joke”/Pastor shuts down “The Donald” (16:37)/Hillary Clinton’s health (21:24)/The Obama “birther” issue and a new lie (27:30)/Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel and it’s rates (41:20)/The duality of “Trumpworld” from Rex Huppke the Chicago Tribune (43:00)/Clinton says Trump not fit to be President (48:52)/Keith Olbermann and Samantha Bee “tell it like it is” (49:52)

California bans Orca shows and breeding (51:40)

Interview with fascinating fellow podcaster “Raving Rendal” (53:08)



Potentium – Episode 027

Potentium – Episode 027


Ringing Brothers finally retires circus elephants

Math Professor gets questioned on a plane for being a terrorist… for doing math

Jon Stewart comments on the GOP, Trump & the media with David Axelrod

Trump & the GOP division/Trump in the 80’s/Twitter war – Trump vs. Elizabeth Warren/Trump a.k.a. “John Miller”

Show dedicated to my friend Kirk who is suffering from amnesia

Battlebots 1

Potentium – Episode 019

Potentium – Episode 019

Sea World will stop the breeding & performances of orcas

Eaglets at the D.C. arboretum are about to get brutal

N. Korea and the tyrant that is Kim Jong Un/American college student sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a sign

Primary elections/Bernie Sanders and Hillary’s foot in her mouth multiple times this past week

Which evil is the lesser between Cruz & Trump/Possible GOP brokered convention/Ted Cruz’ Pastor who says gays should be put to death

Interview with comedian Jeremy McLellan – jeremymclellan.com

Jeremy McLellan