Potentium – Episode 182 (7/12/19)

Potentium – Episode 182 (7/12/19)

The Blue Bell ice cream licking scumbags identified (3:00)

Racism – “Callbox Chris” (9:50)

Man kills teen because he was “threatened” by his rap music (22:10)

First US baby born from uterine transplant by deceased organ donor (26:00)

Death by shit transplant (29:15)

Jeffrey Epstein arrested/Alex Acosta resigns (32:35)

Ross Perot dies/SNL & Dana Carvey (42:25)

MS gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster won’t be interviewed by female reporters without a man present (51:00)

Amy McGrath – The Letter (54:25)

US Women’s Soccer Team wins another World Cup/Megan Rapinoe/fox “news” & “Fuck Trump!” Live on the air (1:00:20) 

Trump – Twitter Tantrum #10,996 – Attacking fox “news”/Bullshit “cleanest air & water” claims/S.E. Cupp’s great take on Trump’s “patriotism”/“Social media Summit”/Drug prices on the rise/ICE raids/Administration backs down on census question (1:06:40)

Potentium – Episode 135 (8/11/18)

Potentium – Episode 135 (8/11/18)

Ghosts, spirits & the paranormal

CA “Holy Fire” (4:20)

Seattle suicide by plane (8:45)

Alex Jones “deplatformed”/“Tuck Buckford” (14:45)

KKK candy (36:25)

Laura Ingraham and her prejudiced comments (38:25)

Trump – LeBron James & Melania/Chain migration/Manafort & Gates/Trump Jr. & the Russians/Nunes tape/Mitch McConnell on smearing prosecutors/Media death threats/Trump praises the Clintons (47:20)

Bill Maher – The party of Putin (1:25:10)

Potentium – Episode 134 (8/4/18)

Potentium – Episode 134 (8/4/18)

California wildfires (3:00)

L.A. hostage shooting (8:50)

Aero Mexico plane crash (13:20)

Swedish royal jewels stolen (21:45)

More racism – Having lunch on your campus/Helping the homeless while black (26:00)

Who is America – Roy Moore and the pedophile detector (38:00)

Alex Jones/“Q Anon”/Seth Rich/Hannity/Shep Smith (44:20)

Trump – Shutdown/Mueller investigation/The evolution of Batboy Giuliani/Sessions/Ivanka/N. Korea/ID for groceries (1:15:05)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1:40:45)

Alan Alda has Parkinson’s disease (1:42:15)

Potentium – Episode 131 (7/14/18)

Potentium – Episode 131 (7/14/18)

Kids in the cave all rescued (3:40)

Georgia cops flip a virtual coin to determine an arrest (12:30)

More racist incidents – Park/Pool/92 year old man/Papa John (17:55)

Mitch McConnell heckled (41:15)

Brett Kavanaugh nominated for the Supreme Court (46:10)

Trumpanzees & the Space Force/Cultist mother and daughter make a song about Trump (53:25)

Trump pardons the Hammonds (1:03:05)

Peter Strzok hearing/Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (IL) (1:08:55)

Trump attacks NATO, Germany, England & everyone else/European protests  (1:27:35)

Rod Rosenstein announces indictments against a dozen Russians for election interference (1:36:35)

Potentium – Episode 129 (6/30/18)

Potentium – Episode 129 (6/30/18)

Woman denied D&C prescription to end her “miscarriage in the womb” pregnancy by religious pharmacist (5:20)

Woman calls natural born Mexican/American citizen a “rapist” & “drug dealer” because Trump said so (17:20)

Trump – Immigration/SCOTUS/Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy retires (33:50)

Trump attacks Harley Davidson (1:33:10)

Capital Gazette shooting (1:40:05)

Joe Jackson dies/Michael Jackson (1:56:50)

Trumpanzee “Wallace Leatherwood” a.k.a. Thomas Noble (@thomasnoble1776) pusses out AGAIN, blocks me, then reports my Tweets from a week ago

Potentium – Episode 128 (6/23/18)

Potentium – Episode 128 (6/23/18)

Texas Hold ‘em/Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare (Herbert Moon)

Black, unarmed teen shot in the back by East Pittsburgh police while running away  (21:25)

Trump – Immigration/The separation of families under HIS policy & HIS humanitarian crisis/US withdraws from UN Human Rights Council (33:30)

Roger Stone also “forgot” he met with Russians (1:34:45)

Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul dies at 54 (1:47:10)

Trump supporter “Wallace Leatherwood” (@Thomas Noble1776) was supposed to call in and debate, but pusses out

Summer of mashups

Potentium – Episode 115 (3/24/18)

Potentium – Episode 115 (3/24/18)

Gun control protests (2:40)

The Last male Northern White Rhino “Sudan” dies (4:15)

Austin serial bomber (13:15)

fox “news” – Shepard Smith vs. Sean Hannity/Lt. Ralph Peters/N. Korea/O’Reilly sued again (27:05)

Hillary Clinton on the Trump electorate (47:25)

Trump – Congratulates Putin/Attorney John Dowd/Joe Digenova/The budget/John Bolton/”Vampira” speaks out about cyber bullying/Karen McDougal/Stormy (49:45)

From the archives of the Fandick Show – More Trump clips/red flags from May 2011 (1:26:05)

Potentium – Episode 103 (12/16/17)

Potentium – Episode 103 (12/16/17)

Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi *****SPOILERS***** (4:10)

NYC bombing attempt (16:55)

The sexual assault tour of America continues – Dustin Hoffman (23:30)

KY Republican Dan Johnson kills himself over sexual assault allegations (30:00)

Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama Senatorial race (37:45)

GOP wants special counsel to investigate special counsel  (1:03:30)

Judge blocks Trump’s transgender military ban (1:12:40)

Trump vs. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (1:15:25)

Trump nominates COMPLETELY unqualified “judge” Matthew Spencer Peterson to the Federal District Court (1:32:55)

5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting (1:40:25)

Merry Christmas everyone & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 062

Potentium – Episode 062

Canada mosque shooting (5:35)

Lesbianism listed as medical problem on patient’s chart in South Carolina (15:35)

GOP changes law & approves appointments without Democrats present (18:15)

Steve Bannon on NSC (21:30)

Trump fires AG for “betrayal” (29:50)

Travel ban (46:35)

Yemen attack (55:00)

Religious “freedom” order (59:15)

Iranian sanctions (1:04:45)

Cal Berkeley incident (105:45)

Russian sanctions (1:11:30)

National Prayer Breakfast & The Apprentice (1:13:10)

Kellyanne Conway & “The Bowling Green Massacre” (1:17:35)

Trump’s “beautiful” call with the PM of Australia (1:22:45)

Canadian Parliament speaks out against Trump (1:23:55)

The number of deaths per year caused by Islamic terrorists in the US (1:25:20)

Federal Judge in Washington halts Trump’s travel ban (1:26:20)

Poll finds 42% of Trump supporters say he should be able to have a private email server (1:28:30)

Trump Tweets for the week (1:29:30)

Brent Musburger retires/Super Bowl/Tom Brady (1:33:55)

Potentium – Episode 061

Potentium – Episode 061

Sick with a cold the whole week

Mental note: When you go to give money to the homeless, make sure they’re homeless (4:50)

Texas “good samaritan” gets killed trying to stop a robbery (7:40)

Trump – Sean Spicer & Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts:(14:50)

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Trump Inauguration (49:10)

Women’s march (57:10)

Attacks on Barron Trump & Comparisons to Sasha & Malia Obama (1:02:25)

Military bulk up & refugee ban (1:14:30)

Trump silences EPA (1:27:40)

Trump’s first interview on ABC (1:31:20)

Bill Maher on why liberals keep losing elections (2:39:40)

Potentium – Episode 059

Potentium – Episode 059

Texas couple sues Apple for Facetime fatal car crash (4:45)

Bishop John Shelby on Heaven, Hell and religion (10:40)

Jesse “The Body” Ventura on abortion (17:55)

Trump – Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes/Kellyanne Conway (24:35)

More Trump appointments (47:40)

Trump’s first press conference (51:40)

Fox News – Shepard Smith defends CNN/Neil Cavuto mocks them (1:27:45)

President Obama’s final speech to the nation (1:37:50)

Official portrait of President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 13, 2009.
(Photo by Pete Souza)

Potentium – Episode 058

Potentium – Episode 058

Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting (3:50)

Brent Musberger backlash about Joe Mixon comments  (17:10)

Kim Burrell’s homophobic rant and backlash (24:30)

Four teens from Chicago kidnap & torture disabled teen from the suburbs (33:55)

Utah Senator says porno is a public health hazard (50:15)

GOP tries to scrap the Office of Congressional Ethics (57:45)

Chris Christie snubbed/Omarosa to be White House Liaison (106:45)

Trump now says USA to pay for Mexican wall on credit (1:09:25)

The Russian Hacking Crisis (1:13:40)

Trump & his Tweets (1:34:35)

William Christopher (Father Mulcahy) dies (1:39:40)

Potentium – Episode 057

Potentium – Episode 057

Coordinated mall “fights” across America (3:15)

A black girl calls me a racist on Facebook & says white people have no right to even talk about racism (8:05)

CBD (Cannabis oil) rescheduled as schedule 1 drug (18:00)

Jerry Lewis is a complete prick in a recent interview (25:35)

President Obama sanctions Russia for election interference (39:15)

Trump – Former Trump Aide Carl Palladino’s prejudiced comments about the Obamas (42:35)

Israel & David Friedman appointment (45:10)

Trump thanks himself in the third person & says “Happy New Year” on Twitter (52:40)

The Year in review (53:50)

Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds & George Michael die (103:00)

Steve Martin gets backlash over Tweet (1:10:40)

Other celebrity deaths of 2016 (1:20:25)

Happy New Year folks! Thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 056

Potentium – Episode 056

Berlin attack (3:30)

Russian Ambassador to Turkey assassinated (11:30)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio brings up Obama’s birth certificate…Again (18:00)

Texas defunds Planned Parenthood (23:50)

North Carolina continues to prove how stupid they are (28:30)

Kentucky woman banned from JC Penney for life for racist rant (34:40)

Trump – Tom Arnold’s “tapes” (46:45)

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio makes a statement regarding Trump  (56:40)

Obama removes “Entry/Exit” law (59:15)

Kelly Anne Conway appointed White House Counselor (1:01:20)

Trump’s kids and their fundraising businesses (1:03:35)

Ted Cruz says Democrats will be unprecedented obstructionists (1:07:35)

Obama’s “war on Christmas” (1:11:05)

Trump and nuclear weapons (1:12:05)

Christmas tunes from the past (1:17:45)

Rogue One (1:26:10)

Merry Christmas everyone & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 055

Potentium – Episode 055

Guest co-host Shawn Thorpe from blubrry.com

California to ban lawyers from having sex with their clients (4:30)

Arkansas passes birth certificate bill (11:35)

Texas Pastor goes to mall to tell children Santa isn’t real (18:50)

Cindy Brady goes on homophobic rant and gets fired from her radio show (34:15)

More Trump appointments (42:55)

Russian interference in the US election (54:20)

The Trump victory tour (1:15:35)

Alan Thicke dies (1:22:00)

Review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (124:45)