Potentium – Episode 136 (8/18/18)

Potentium – Episode 136 (8/18/18)

Guest Co-Host David Michael Quinones (Q) from the Bird Road Podcast


FL stand your ground shooter charged with manslaughter (5:25)

Racism – Arkansas cop fired/Jenkinson’s employee fired/“Coffee Cathy” (17:20)

Judge grants bail to radical Muslims in NM (33:55)

Pedophile Pennsylvania Priests (40:55)

Trish Regan vs. Denmark (48:10)

Trump – Reality show Presidency…Trump. vs. Omarosa/Paul Manafort trial/John Brennan & security revocations/Military parade (54:35)

The “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin dies (1:42:10)

Potentium – Episode 121 (5/5/18)

Potentium – Episode 121 (5/5/18)

Update on Archie (4:00)

Mt.  Kilueah erupts (5:40)

Brink’s truck spills $600,000 on Indiana highway (10:45)

Immigrant caravan from South/Central America (17:25)

Michelle Wolf/WHCD (38:50)

Trump – Dr. Harold Bornstein “raped”/Robert Mueller questions leaked/Michael Cohen/Count Rudy Giuliani/N. Korean detainees/James Comey firing reason #3/Paul Manafort & Judge TS Ellis/Neil Cavuto slams Trump (1:05:55)

Potentium – Episode 106 (1/13/18)

Potentium – Episode 106 (1/13/18)

The “Wet Dream Team” (3:15)

Racist teacher tells black student he’ll be lynched if he doesn’t “get on task” (10:30)

Mentally ill hospital patient dumped at UMMC bus stop (20:00)

Charges dismissed against Bundy clan (29:25)

Governor of New Mexico, Suzanna Martinez, wants to grant immunity to police in the line of duty (34:35)

84 year old Joe Arpaio to run for Arizona Senate (40:35)

Trump – Mueller/DACA/Oil/“Shitholes” (51:10)

Oprah for President (1:35:20)

Eric Clapton is going deaf (1:44:20)


Potentium – Episode 099 (11/18/17)

Potentium – Episode 099 (11/18/17)


Taxes – Suzan DelBene (W) grills Thomas Barthold (JCT) (4:45)

Jeff Sessions’ testimony (13:25)

Sexual assault – Al Franken/Roy Moore/Donald Trump (31:25)

Trump appoints Federal Judge with no trial experience (1:12:05)

Trump believes Putin believes Putin (1:17:35)

Trump lifts ban on importing elephant trophies (1:22:15)

Notre Dame gets shellacked by Miami (1:29:00)

Malcolm Young of ACDC dies (1:30:55)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone…Thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 020

Potentium – Episode 020

JetBlue Flight Attendant sprints away from 70 pounds of cocaine

Fanatical, Evangelical Georgia parents say that Yoga promotes “non Christian beliefs” in public schools

Religion – LGBT anti-discrimination laws & abortion laws being repealed across the South

Mr. “Family values” Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children due to domestic abuse

The terrorist attacks in Brussels/The solutions according to Ted Cruz & Donald Trump & the battle to belittle each other’s wives

Head of CBS Les Moonves makes a sobering confession regarding Trump

Protesters block path to Trump rally/What the word “riot” means

Interview with Hollywood Casting Director Chadwick Struck

Bernie isn’t dead yet…What is Democratic Socialism

Chadwick Struck

Potentium – Episode 002

Potentium – Episode 002

Summary of the first Democratic debate

Our dysfunctional Congress/Republicans

The “Presidential” Donald Trump/”Feel the Bern”/Mike Huckabee & Evangelicals

Religion in law/Examples of  Socialism in America

Ghosts, alien abductions & carnival barking psychics

Drunken soldier kidnaps wild raccoon, squeezes it to breathe into breathalyzer activated car, gets attacked before driving into a swimming pool

13 Ghosts - The Juggernaut