Potentium – Episode 103 (12/16/17)

Potentium – Episode 103 (12/16/17)

Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi *****SPOILERS***** (4:10)

NYC bombing attempt (16:55)

The sexual assault tour of America continues – Dustin Hoffman (23:30)

KY Republican Dan Johnson kills himself over sexual assault allegations (30:00)

Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore in Alabama Senatorial race (37:45)

GOP wants special counsel to investigate special counsel  (1:03:30)

Judge blocks Trump’s transgender military ban (1:12:40)

Trump vs. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (1:15:25)

Trump nominates COMPLETELY unqualified “judge” Matthew Spencer Peterson to the Federal District Court (1:32:55)

5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting (1:40:25)

Merry Christmas everyone & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 020

Potentium – Episode 020

JetBlue Flight Attendant sprints away from 70 pounds of cocaine

Fanatical, Evangelical Georgia parents say that Yoga promotes “non Christian beliefs” in public schools

Religion – LGBT anti-discrimination laws & abortion laws being repealed across the South

Mr. “Family values” Bill O’Reilly loses custody of his children due to domestic abuse

The terrorist attacks in Brussels/The solutions according to Ted Cruz & Donald Trump & the battle to belittle each other’s wives

Head of CBS Les Moonves makes a sobering confession regarding Trump

Protesters block path to Trump rally/What the word “riot” means

Interview with Hollywood Casting Director Chadwick Struck

Bernie isn’t dead yet…What is Democratic Socialism

Chadwick Struck

Potentium – Episode 013

Potentium – Episode 013

Iowa caucuses & Democratic debate highlights

Super Bowl 50, ESPN’s 30 for 30 on the ultimate tragedy of the’85 Bears/Brady vs. Montana

Texas high school cheerleaders win case to display bible passages on banners during football games

Virginia schools close over parent complaints of Islamic passage in a calligraphy assignment

President Obama speaks at Muslim mosque – fox “news” Facebook reactions

Movie/TV reviews – The Revenant, The Martian, The Walk, Steve Jobs, James Bond – Spectre, The Wolfpack, Bloodline, Fargo, The X-Files, Trevor Noah vs. Stephen Colbert