Potentium – Episode 217 (3/12/20)

Potentium – Episode 217 (3/12/20)

Gang of Brooklyn teenage boys beat teenage girl unconscious (5:15)

Podcast reviewer Andy Newsham reviews the show/Damaged Goods (11:20)


Alex Jones arrested for DUI/“Alex” calls in (28:25)

Scumbag Woody Allen faces backlash over new book (35:50)

Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison (42:30)

Ohio State wrestler after wrestler say Jim Jordan knew of sexual abuse by team doctor (46:10)

Trump – Mark Meadows named 4th Chief of Staff/The Coronavirus response & economic impact (57:15)

Bill Maher – Democracy (1:19:40)

Have a happy & safe St. Patrick’s Day folks & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 133 (7/28/18)

Potentium – Episode 133 (7/28/18)

Who is America – Corrine Olympios/GA. State Rep. Jason Spencer

3D printed guns (22:50)

Florida “Stand your ground” shooting (32:50)

Racism – More couponing/Barbecuing while black (44:45)

Alex Jones says Robert Mueller was head of a pedophile ring (1:07:00)

Trump – Allen Weisselberg subpoenaed/Russia/Michael Cohen tapes/Billie Jean/Richard Nixon/Trump Tower meeting/The economy (1:12:00)

Potentium – Episode 102 (12/9/17)

Potentium – Episode 102 (12/9/17)

California wildfires

Officer Michael Slager sentenced to 20 years for the murder of Walter Scott (4:00)

GOP passes bill to allow conceal/carry across state lines (7:30)

Alex Jones has to “retract” his caveman “vitamins” (10:45)

Russia banned from winter Olympics for doping (15:00)

Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israeli capital (18:20)

Taxes/Trump’s financial records with Deutsche Bank seized (37:10)

Trump defends Flynn/GOP slams Mueller investigation/Donald Trump Jr. testifies/CNN’s Wikileaks retraction (49:10)

Trump & the RNC rally for Roy Moore/Steve Bannon/Al Franken & Trent Franks resign (1:00:05)

President Obama on net neutrality (1:23:35)

Interviewed by podcaster Alexander Laurin –



Jim Morrison’s birthday (I know, I fucked up and said it was the anniversary of his death, which is July 3rd)

Potentium – Episode 076

Potentium – Episode 076

Richard Spencer and his tiki torch led protest (2:15)

The Alex Jones apology tour continues (14:10)

Texas bill discriminates and is disguised as religious “freedom” (27:55)

Trump speaks at Liberty University (31:20)

Trump reveals classified info to the Russians (38:25)

Trump threatens James Comey (45:55)

Sally Yates interview with Anderson Cooper (59:50)

Special Prosecutor named for Trump/Russia ties (105:55)

James Comes to testify…Again (1:19:20)

WPIC AM 790 Youngstown, PA…Michael Savage/Yours truly vs. The Stefan Martin Show (1:25:55)

Chris Cornell dies (1:46:50)

Potentium – Episode 073

Potentium – Episode 073

The confusing Chicago Bears draft picks (2:40)

Breitbart gets it’s Congressional press credentials revoked (8:20)

Alex Jones sued by Chobani/Loses custody of his kids/Parental alienation syndrome (10:50)

Bill O’Reilly responds to his firing on his new podcast/Jesse Watters/fox “news” (35:25)

Alabama in all it’s glory – Gov. Robert Bentley/Judge Roy Moore/AG Jeff Sessions (53:10)

The wall/Government shutdown issues/ First 100 days (1:16:45)

General Michael Flynn under investigation (1:29:35)

Bill Maher – Republicans are dicks (1:41:05)