Potentium – Episode 248 (10/15/20)

Potentium – Episode 248 (10/15/20)

N. Korea has military parade with world’s biggest ICBM

Utah cougar confrontation (8:10)

The amazing, fantastic, incredible video of a guy skateboarding, listening to Fleetwood Mac, and drinking cranberry juice (12:55)

Firefighting tankbot RS3 (17:25)

MI Extremist “militia” arrested after planning to kidnap and execute Governor Whitmer (23:30)

More voter suppression by the GOP (37:15)

Trump – Pay for play/Backs out of debate/Rallies/Blocks CDC mask mandate on public transportation/Joe Biden/Jake Tapper (45:15)

SCOTUS confirmation hearings/Amy Coney Barrett (1:17:45)

Whitey Ford, Joe Morgan & Johnny Nash die

Potentium – Episode 030

Potentium – Episode 030

Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones has twin girls at 68

Harambe the gorilla shot and killed at Cincinnati zoo after child gets into enclosure

The Chewbacca Mom

“Deflecting Donald” – The fraud that is Trump U/NY AG Eric Schneidermann/Doral moves to Mexico/Hillary Clinton

Interview with listener Kirk who suffered from amnesia due to an epileptic seizure

“The Greatest” Muhammad Ali dies at 74

Muhammad Ali 3