Potentium – Episode 148 (11/17/18)

Potentium – Episode 148 (11/17/18)

Couples etiquette when paying the check

Couple and homeless man perpetrate GoFundMe scam (4:30)

California wildfires/East Coast Nor’easter (9:40)

Security guard shot by Midlothian PD after stopping active shooter (24:00)

Green Beret killed, “A Few Good Men” style (29:08)

Baraboo, WI High School Nazis (31:50)

Steve King warned by Iowa Governor for his racist mouth (38:20)

The “victim” Monica Lewinsky (46:05)

The pederast Anarchist that is Julian Assange (53:40)

Jim Acosta gets his WH press pass back, for now (58:45)

Vampira gets White House official fired (1:04:00)

Trump – France/Troops at the border/North Korea nukes/Mueller’s questions (1:09:30)

Stan Lee dies (1:34:35)

Notre Dame/Bears

Happy Thanksgiving folks & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 072

Potentium – Episode 072

Blackhawks swept out of NHL playoffs (5:10)

Steve Bannon vs. Jared Kushner (10:00)

Trump flip flops/Military actions (21:50)

Vampira reads to the children on Easter (38:50)

Alex Jones/custody hearing/Lawyer says he’s playing a character (57:00)

Bill O’Reilly fired from fox “news” (1:18:40)

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent & Kid Rock visit the White House (1:33:35)