Potentium – Episode 227 (5/21/20)

Potentium – Episode 227 (5/21/20)

Almost every wolf is killed by trappers on Alaskan island (5:20)

MI dams break (12:45)

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli denied release from prison (16:35)

NC Senator Richard Burr steps down as Chair of Intelligence Committee after insider trading investigation launches (18:20)

Coronavirus – Illinois following CDC guidelines for re-opening/Rep. Darren Bailey removed from House floor for refusing to wear a mask/Costco member kicked out for not wearing a mask (21:15)

Trump – Touts “warp speed” vaccine as he takes Hydroxychloroquine/William Barr says neither Obama nor Biden will be investigated by DOJ/Fires 4th IG in 6 weeks/Non-existent mail-in voter fraud/Pelosi calls Trump morbidly obese/Trump Jr. Calls Biden a pedophile/Eric Trump says virus is a hoax (34:15)

The Last Dance – Steve Kerr, Michael Jordan & the murders of their fathers/Michael talks about him being regarded as a “tyrannical” teammate (1:01:25)

Mike McCaskey, Phyllis George & Fred Willard die (1:22:40)

Have a good Memorial Day folks & thanks for listening!

Potentium – Episode 058

Potentium – Episode 058

Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting (3:50)

Brent Musberger backlash about Joe Mixon comments  (17:10)

Kim Burrell’s homophobic rant and backlash (24:30)

Four teens from Chicago kidnap & torture disabled teen from the suburbs (33:55)

Utah Senator says porno is a public health hazard (50:15)

GOP tries to scrap the Office of Congressional Ethics (57:45)

Chris Christie snubbed/Omarosa to be White House Liaison (106:45)

Trump now says USA to pay for Mexican wall on credit (1:09:25)

The Russian Hacking Crisis (1:13:40)

Trump & his Tweets (1:34:35)

William Christopher (Father Mulcahy) dies (1:39:40)