Potentium – Episode 152 (12/15/18)

The Blues Brothers

Catholic Priest ruins funeral of teen who committed suicide (4:35)

Baylor rapist Jacob Walter Anderson gets no jail time (15:30)

Russian spy Maria Butina flips (20:35)

Vampira Trump talks to Hannity (24:35)

Trump – Pelosi & Schumer/Anderson Cooper/Michael Cohen (47:10)

GOP hypocrisy on impeachment (1:37:35)

Cheesehead Packer fan sues the Bears (1:44:00)

Potentium – Episode 045

Potentium – Episode 045

Young boys who draw dick pics

(4:05) Donald Trump – Taxes/Infidelity/Rudy Giuliani/fox “news”/Mocking Hillary’s pneumonia/V.P. debate/Sexual discrimination on The Apprentice/“Grab ‘em by the pussy”