Potentium – Episode 246 (10/1/20)

Potentium – Episode 246 (10/1/20)

Little league baseball

(6:55) OH mom tazed at youth football game for refusing to wear a mask & trespassing

Joe Montana & wife Jennifer thwart kidnapping of their grandchild in their CA home (12:30)

Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother receives standing Ovation at WI GOP event (17:00)

Trump – Kim Jong Un played Trump like a fiddle/Says WH may override FDA safety standards for Covid vaccine/Peaceful transfer of power/Taxes (19:30)

Debate highlights and lowlights & the neverending stupidity of Laura Ingraham (45:10)

Bears/Notre Dame/Cubs

Potentium – Episode 245 (9/24/20)

Potentium – Episode 245 (9/24/20)

Jerry Falwell’s drunken fall down the stairs

No officers held responsible for Breonna Taylor’s death (7:15)

Trump – Mocks reporter for getting shot at protest/1776 Commission/Christopher Wray testifies/William Barr/CDC & vaccines/Former Pence aid Olivia Troy/Anderson Cooper on 200,000 dead from the virus (16:45)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies/SCOTUS/Mitch McConnell/Harry Reid/Ted Cruz/Lindsey Graham/Possible appointments/Legal ramifications (46:35)

Bryson DeChambeau wins U.S. Open/Notre Dame/Bears/Gale Sayers dies/Joe Laurinaitis, “Animal” of The Road Warriors dies (1:31:55)

Potentium – Episode 062

Potentium – Episode 062

Canada mosque shooting (5:35)

Lesbianism listed as medical problem on patient’s chart in South Carolina (15:35)

GOP changes law & approves appointments without Democrats present (18:15)

Steve Bannon on NSC (21:30)

Trump fires AG for “betrayal” (29:50)

Travel ban (46:35)

Yemen attack (55:00)

Religious “freedom” order (59:15)

Iranian sanctions (1:04:45)

Cal Berkeley incident (105:45)

Russian sanctions (1:11:30)

National Prayer Breakfast & The Apprentice (1:13:10)

Kellyanne Conway & “The Bowling Green Massacre” (1:17:35)

Trump’s “beautiful” call with the PM of Australia (1:22:45)

Canadian Parliament speaks out against Trump (1:23:55)

The number of deaths per year caused by Islamic terrorists in the US (1:25:20)

Federal Judge in Washington halts Trump’s travel ban (1:26:20)

Poll finds 42% of Trump supporters say he should be able to have a private email server (1:28:30)

Trump Tweets for the week (1:29:30)

Brent Musburger retires/Super Bowl/Tom Brady (1:33:55)