Potentium – Episode 098 (11/11/17)

Potentium – Episode 098 (11/11/17)

Larry David’s concentration camp jokes on SNL/Curb Your Enthusiasm

Texas church shooting (5:00)

Wisconsin eliminates minimum hunting age (31:00)

Puerto Rico and the Whitefish Energy investigation (37:40)

Al Franken grills Facebook’s lawyer (44:40)

Democrats sweep elections across the US (54:40)

Michael Flynn & son in more hot water (59:05)

Roy Moore accused of sexual misconduct/Sean Hannity (1:03:40)

Louis C.K. & more sexual harassment accusations (1:31:15)

Notre Dame vs. Miami (1:39:05)

Potentium – Episode 038

Potentium – Episode 038

My pre-show dry heaving

Jim furyk shoots a 58 at the Travelers tourney/John Saunders dies

The Olympics

Marine sues Marines for not being able to display Bible quotes in a shared work area

Muslim Flight Attendant sues airline for making her serve drinks

Marco Rubio wants to prevent abortions for women infected with the Zika virus

Donald Trump

Off next week…Going to see Pearl Jam at Wrigley field

See you on the 27th and thanks for listening!

Olympics - 2016 Rio