Potentium – Episode 222 (4/16/20)

Potentium – Episode 222 (4/16/20)

Julian Assange fathered two kids while in Ecuadorian Embassy (5:20)

Linda Tripp dies (9:50)

Kayleigh McEnany named 4th WH Press Secretary (12:15)

Coronavirus – Forida – Davie police Chief says officer died of virus because he was gay/Gov. Ron DeSantis Says nobody under 25 has died of virus & WWE wrestling is “essential” (21:00)

KS legislature overturns Governor’s stay at home order (31:10)

Vampira’s message to “cheeldren everyvere” (37:45)

Re-Opening the United States (40:15)

Trump’s timeline/Retweets opinion about firing Dr. Fauci & presents a Goebbels-type propagandist video (46:30)

Trump orders his signature on stimulus checks/Defunds WHO (1:05:35)

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on Trump & virus response (1:11:15)

Bill Maher – GOP dysfunction (1:21:55)

TV Modern Family finale/Better Call Saul/Brockmire (1:31:40)

Potentium – Episode 072

Potentium – Episode 072

Blackhawks swept out of NHL playoffs (5:10)

Steve Bannon vs. Jared Kushner (10:00)

Trump flip flops/Military actions (21:50)

Vampira reads to the children on Easter (38:50)

Alex Jones/custody hearing/Lawyer says he’s playing a character (57:00)

Bill O’Reilly fired from fox “news” (1:18:40)

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent & Kid Rock visit the White House (1:33:35)