Potentium – Episode 033

Army/Olympic leopard killed by Brazilian soldier/Rio Olympics

Sports – LeBron James/NHL approves expansion team in Las Vegas/Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane wins NHL MVP/Artemi Panarin wins NHL rookie of the year/Dustin Johnson wins US Open

TV & Movies – Fear Thy Neighbor/Game of Thrones (SPOILERS)/Battlebots/Master Chef/Actor Anton Yelchin crushed by his SUV/Star Wars: Rogue One

Alabama’s top three officials involved in scandals

Democrats stage Senate floor sit in on gun bills/The idiot that is Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert

Donald Trump – Fires Campaign Mgr. Corey Lewandowski/Assassination attempt/Trump questions Hillary Clinton’s faith

Brexit/Citizens of Scotland attack Trump on Twitter

Led Zeppelin wins “Stairway to Heaven” case



About Potentium70

Hey folks, I'm Joe, and along with my older brother Edward, we do a stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, current events & society in general...Thanks for listening!
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