Potentium – Episode 008

Terrorist attacks in the US/The way we die dictates the amount of fear or prejudice we have

San Bernadino, “muslim” terrorist attack/ Sayed Farook & the influence of wife Tashfeem Malik and radical Islamic terrorists/Ideology

Trump says all family members of terrorists should be targeted/Everyone hates Ted Cruz

Colorado “christian” terrorist attack/Robert Dear & the influence of republican politicians/news outlets and radical “christian” terrorists/Ideology

Trump’s “Muslim celebration” story completely debunked

Planned Parenthood statistics & the mindset that wants to defund it/Pro “life” & Gun laws

America will eventually become Israel/War(s) in the Middle East

R.I.P. Scott Weiland

America - One nation, under the gun

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A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, current events & society in general.
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