Potentium – Episode 069

Guest Co-host Ricky Harris from the Nickel & Dime Podcast


My call to the Nickel & Dime Podcast last week (5:15)

My Neighbor’s car/my alarm clock at 6am every morning (20:55)

Oklahoma State Representative George Faught says rape and incest is the “will of god” (26:30)

Tomi Lahren from The Blaze gets suspended for a week for saying she’s pro choice (32:45)

Trump supporter gets denied service at NYC bar (49:30)

Trump cuts funding for Meals on Wheels (58:00)

James Comey hearing (1:04:55)

Trumpcare bill pulled/Trump blames Democrats (1:19:45)

Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a swat at Trump’s approval rating (1:50:40)

The Tool concert ticket saga comes to a culmination (1:53:10)


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